Our refrigerators have many features, some standard and some as optional add ons. We strive to manufacture the most efficient marine refrigerators on the market today.


Powered by 12 or 24 volt DC: Add our optional AC adaptor for a combination AC/DC with automatic switch over.

Compressor location: For built in models choose bottom or top mounting, or place the compressor in a remote location and you will gain 1/2 cubic foot of interior space, improve efficiency, reduce noise and save money with easy access when servicing.

Choice of door style: Our standard aluminum frame door uses heavy duty commercial door latches, stainless steel hinges and the option of slide in door panels.

Choice of insulation: 2 inches of two part polyurethane foam is used on all under counter models and three inches on the larger two door models. All models have an option for extra insulation.

Freezer location: Two door model freezers can be configured on top or bottom.

Compressor / Condensor system: Sea Freeze offers three sizes of Danfoss compressors to meet your cooling requirements. The condensor can be air, water, or air-water combination.

Superior cooling system: Other brands use the lower cost single evaporator plate design, the evaporator is mounted in the freezer compartment and relies on cold air from the freezer to cool the refrigerator. The disadvantage of this design is poor cooling of the refrigerator compartment during hot days and heavy fridge use. All Sea Freeze refrigerator/freezers use our Dura coil dual evaporator system that almost eliminates the chance of refrigerant leaks from corrosion or accidental puncture during defrosting from a sharp object, and models larger than four cubic feet use evaporator coils in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Optional fan mounted in the refrigerator compartment reduces temperature differences between top and bottom.